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Essential Oils

We diffuse and use only doTERRA essential oils for the ultimate spa environment and your pet's relaxation.  doTERRA oils are therapeutic grade, sourced in their indigenous environments, harvested for optimum potency, and processed for purity, with no fillers or chemicals, and third-party, independently tested for purity, which can be confirmed by the lot number stamped on the bottom of each bottle.


We are AromaTouch Technique Certified and have modified this relaxing oil application technique developed by Dr. David Hill for pets.  We follow safety precautions and are knowledgeable about which oils can be safely used for pets.  Ask us for our recommended reference books about how to use essential oils with pets.  Please advise us at your initial consultation, if your pet has any contraindications to the use of medicinal-grade essential oils, or if anyone in your household may have sensitivities.

Visit our doTERRA website ( for further information about doTERRA essential oils, personal care, wellness and nutritional products, and how to purchase the oils, starting at 25% wholesale, with additional discounts when you order with the Loyalty Rewards Program.  We are happy to assist you with information about the oils and offer free local and online classes on how to use the oils for yourself, your children, chemical-free cleaning, cooking and your pets.

If you are not familiar with doTERRA essential oils and would like to know more, please ask about our "Three-Day Borrow-A-Bag Diffuser Challenge."  It includes safety precautions for use with pets, explains the three methods that medicinal-grade essential oils can be used, has a packet of information, a DVD, a diffuser, diffuser recipes and 8 different sample oils which can be combined for the diffuser recipes.

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