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Requirements for Mobile Grooming Service

Please Note: Our weekly routing does not allow for scheduling same day mobile dog grooming service requests.  Please call in advance to get on our schedule.

In order to ensure the safety of all pets in our care, our groomer, and mobile unit, we require the following:


A level, paved parking surface, off of the street, with a height clearance of 9'5", and free of obstructions on either side of the van. 

Please notify us of gates codes.  Obtain and provide us with any permissions needed from your HOA.  Our insurance does not permit us to park in your neighbor's driveway; please provide us with adequate parking in your driveway.  We cannot park on the street or in narrow spaces.

Our tools and equipment must be secured while en route, and it takes time to set-up once we are parked.  Please arrange for moving vehicles prior to our arrival if anyone needs to depart.  For your pet's safety, we cannot move the grooming van while they are in it.  Moving the grooming van once we are set-up causes considerable delays in our daily service route and incurs an added fee of $75.00.

*Vaccination Records: 

Current veterinarian-administered vaccination records:  Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Leptosporsis, fecal exam for parasites, and Bordetella.   Emerging canine pathogens may require additional vaccines in the future.   In order to provide uninterrupted service and the best care for your pet, we require that you provide us with annual updates and notice of any health and behavior changes.  For faster services, please text the vet records to us, or request your vet to text them to us.  We are unable to provide grooming service if your pet cannot be vaccinated as required by Florida and/or local law; please consult with your vet.

* Collar and Leash: 

For your pet's safety, we require that your pet is wearing a sturdy, well-fitted collar or harness, and on a leash to board and depart the mobile grooming spa.

* Potty Break:

Piddle and Poo accidents happen, but can be avoided by making sure your pet has access to "find a spot" prior to the grooming appointment.  Alternatively,  if your schedule does not permit you the time,  you may choose to add our walking service for an additional fee.

New Client Information & Scheduling:

To be considered for mobile grooming scheduling, please text your pet's current vet records to us at 850-382-6299, along with a recent photo of your pet.  Also include your local WALTON County, Florida address, cellphone number, your name, and the name, breed and age of your pet.  We accept new clients within our service area on a twelve-month maintenance schedule, either weekly, 2, 4 or 8 weeks.   


An in-home initial consultation is required to assess your dog's condition and grooming needs, prior to grooming.  0ur comprehensive consultation includes obtaining a complete medical history,  getting acquainted with your pet, assessing your dog's behavior, over-all health, coat and skin condition, and discussing your style preferences.  


We provide you with our Policies and Client Agreement,  ask you to sign a Grooming Consent Release form as the legal owner, and provide a tour of our mobile grooming facilities, if you wish.   Our insurance does not allow children to board the inside of the van.  In addition, please do not send children to pick up your pet, or bring payment, as we cannot do business with minors, and will refuse future service.

Once we receive your pet's vet records, we will text you with our next available appointment for your location.  To accept, please text back with your confirmation. 

Thank you for your consideration!

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