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Spa Menu of Services

Your grooming preferences are important to us.  We strive to accomodate your wishes as much as possible.

Full grooming includes:

Brush out, sanitary prep, diamond nail buffing, Hydro-massage bath with professional-grade pet shampoo and conditioner, fluff table-dry, breed specific haircut, cologne and custom-made bandana upon prior request at the time of appointment (bandanas are not stocked unless requested).


Your pet is table-dried completely prior to styling for optimum results.  Before and After photos and notes kept on file for consistent future styling.  A Before and an After photo is texted to your cellphone to communicate the grooming progress.   As long as your pet's coat is in good condition, you can request styling preference changes for any future grooming session.  

"Creative Styling" (a grooming competition term) which alters the look of your pet's breed or coloration is not currently offered due to the complexity, time, cost and daily professional grooming required to achieve and maintain the look which mobile services are not equipped to provide.  Please consult with a traditional grooming salon for these services.

Between Regular Grooming - Bath and Touch-up Face Trim:

Recommended schedule every two weeks.   For between regular grooming to maintain long coats and/or treat skin issues:  Brush-out.  Hydro-massage bath with EZ-Groom shampoo and conditioner.  Fluff-dry.   Trim face and ears (no body styling or trimming).  Cologne

Hand Scissoring and Coat Thin Out:

Breed style coat appearance is achieved solely by hand-scissoring techniques, which requires additional attention and time.  Suggested for long coated and Terrier breeds, such as the Cairn Terrier, or when preferred by owner.


Puppy Grooming Academy:

Puppies are like babies and need to be gently acclimated to the process of grooming in short, mini-grooms over the course of four consecutive weeks.  Since regular grooming will be a life-long experience, it is vital to teach them gently and gradually, while introducing them to all parts of the grooming process.   The goal is to make grooming  a positive first experience and help your puppy bond with their groomer, so that they look forward to their pampering time.  Puppy grooming training can begin when your puppy is 4 months old, which is the optimum age for easy training.  We require that your puppy be simultaneously enrolled in a positive-reinforcement, fear-free obedience training, which you also attend to learn the commands -- please ask us for our local recommendation.  We only accept dogs under the age of one year who have attended our Puppy Grooming Academy and are groomed consistently by us.



Keep your canine companion in top condition, looking and feeling their best, with a Maintenance Plan.     A Maintenance Plan gives you priority scheduling and requires: 1) Pe-booking on a schedule of every 1,2,4 or 8 weeks for the next 12 months.  Convenient calendar reminders are texted to you.  You may pre-pay for appointments up to a year in advance, however, there is no refund for pre-paid appointments which you cancel.


Available only during grooming appointment

Coat Whitening or Coat Color Enhancment:

Special enzyme shampoos for brightening dull white coats or enhancing dark coats

Matt Removal:

Matting not removed with brush out procedure will incur a matt removal fee, limited to 15 minutes.  Matts must be removed in order for clippers and scissors to glide through your dog's coat.  (Thick or excessive matting requires vet attention and service will be declined.)    Full grooming brush out procedure, done prior to bathing, will remove normal dead fur and minor coat matts.  Matting results when loose shedded fur is allowed to remain in the coat.  Owners may avoid coat matting by daily combing and brushing, and maintaining a regular grooming schedule.  Daily brushing is required for certain long-haired breeds, such as the Shih-Tzu and Maltese, and recommended for all breeds to keep their skin and coat in top condition.  It is also an opportunity for a bonding experience between you and your pet.  Please ask us to demonstrate the proper combing and brushing technique.

Diamond Nail Buffing:

Nails buffed in lieu of clipping (avoids clipping the quick).  Smooths rough edges.   Most dogs are sensitive about having their nails clipped and tolerate nail buffing much better.  Diamond nail buffing is now part of the regular grooming (not an add-on).  Guillotine nail clippers are only used when the nails have curved due to failure to maintain them at proper length.

Pawdicure Polish:

Add some glitz and glamour to your dog's clean shaven paws, clipped and buffed nails.  Available colors:  Neon Purple, Pink and Red.  Other colors available upon special request at the time of booking an appointment.

TropiCleanTeeth/Fresh Breath Gel:

No toothbrush required!  Natural Mint and Green Tea Leaf Extract.  Softens and removes plaque and tartar.  Promotes periodontal wellness and soothes minor gum irritations.  Maxiumum effect by withholding food and water for 30 minutes after treatment.  Recommend regular treatment for oral health.

Tick Removal:

We can manually remove the occasional tick on your pet safely, with a technique that captures the entire tick and head  However, we do not accept pets who are infested with either ticks or fleas, which requires vet attention.  We require that your pet be on a flea and tick preventative, either oral or topical.

Dog Walking:

We require that your pet have a potty break walk prior to grooming to prevent accidents on the table, on the grooming floor, or on your groomer.  Clean-ups are necessary for infectious disease management protocols, and add considerable time, which will incur an additional fee.


Didn't find the services you need?  Please Contact us and let us know.

Gratuity never required, but always appreciated.  Thank you.

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